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In business since 2002 --producing high quality molded parts, using up-to-date available technology, and providing excellent service level at a competitive cost.

This has been and continues to be our team's objective.
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ISO 13485:2003
Medical Devices Quality Management Systems. Certification FM 78248.

Registered manufacturer of molded medical device components. FDA regist. number: 3005029072.

UL Certified manufacturer. ID 5796414. Assigned designated number: E342265.

SDB Certified -Minority owned business; qualified customers may be entitled to tax incentives.

About Us

AFA Plastics is a thermoplastics custom injection molding operation located in the Northwestern city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Our primary focus is the molding of components for medical device manufacturers in the island and mainland USA.

At AFA Plastics, we have set a goal to become a preferred supplier. We aim at achieving this relationship by providing one-source injection molding capabilities and services.  This allows our customers to centralize their outsourcing needs at a single, reliable supplier.

AFA Plastics is an owner-managed, lean operation. Customers receive personalized attention directly from the owners with no middle management delaying response time.

We invite you to experience the true value of dedicated and friendly customer service. Contact us. Our commitment is to deliver the results you expect.

Our Team Associates

The high grade consistency of AFA's manufactured product is assured by our experienced and dedicated associates. This holds from machine set up through QA inspection and packaging operations.


  Puerto Rico Manufacturers
     Association (PRMA)

  Southwestern Industrial
     Association (SWIA)

  Centro Unido de Detallistas
     de Puerto Rico (CUD)


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Our 10th year in operation. - And honored to be recognized as a preferred supplier by our clients.