Products Manufactured Following High Quality Standards

We deliver quality injection molded components; manufactured from thermoplastics resins --on time and strictly meeting customer's specification. AFA Plastics serves a wide variety of industries, including: medical device, electronics, as well as other requiring custom molding of plastic parts.

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Undergoing Projects

New 385-ton Press.
Business expansion justifies the addition of new molding presses.   More

Proprietary Molds.
AFA Plastics develops its own, in-house, versatile tool design.   More

Blow Molding.
Next expansion phase at AFA Plastics. Equipment selection in progress.   More

Product Diversification

Our Pharmaceutical/Medical Device product family offering is ample; from tubing connectors to nozzles and nozzle covers. And the same applies to the range of medical-grade resins that we can handle. If your product is moldeable, we can process and deliver it to your satisfaction.

Parts for Electronics and General product manufacture are processed in the same controlled cleanroom used for pharmaceutical/ medical device parts processing. This is an added-value benefit that is passed on to our customers.

Upcoming Ventures

We have identified the opportunity to service the local PET bottle packing industry by becoming its "next door" supplier of globally-used, clear PET stretch blow-molded (SBM) bottles.

Customers can run a leaner packing operation by avoiding in-bound transportation costs, as well as shorten delivery times, and reducing material inventory storage space; a true Just-in-Time operation.

Production Resins

The following is a partial listing of production resins in use:


     Styron / Polystyrene

     Acetal / Delrin





Intrinsic Product Benefits

By allowing us to mold their plastic components, customers are likely to gain inherent value with the final product. Consider the following:

Assurance that the finished product complies with USA laws and regulations; specially, when parts are meant for medical devices.

AFA Plastics is an FDA registered, ISO and UL certified as a medical device manufacturer.